Monday, 13 July 2009

Wicket Ajax

(Particular comparison with GWT)

  • pro - very good for HTML only
  • pro - good security - e.g. just as Java removed pointer arithmetic Wicket doesn't expose property paths, ids etc by default
  • con - request synchronized on Session so Sjax
  • con - very heavy server side requirements
  • con - very complex code base
  • con - ugly API compared to Swing etc
  • con - every click goes to server (unlike GWT)
  • pro - very helpful community
  • con - requirement for ids is more annoying than useful
  • con - dual HTML and component tree is annoying
  • con - components must be serialised! Real pain.
  • con - if server state is lost can't just get user to login again as state of UI is on the server.
  • con - more care needed as action runs in same VM as page state (e.g. ensure tx does not fail before updating page state).

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